Find your eMate Apple rare mint badge circa 1997


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Find your eMate !

In 1997, Apple launched eMate 300. It is a derivative of Newton which is intended for schools. In Apple’s mind, it is about offering a computer that is easy to use and inexpensive, for the education market. Apple eMate included a keyboard, a grayscale display and a stylus. It was equipped with an infrared link, an RS232 socket and a very long autonomy.

• Find your eMate training sessions

Apple organized training sessions in 1997 for future eMate 300 users. Each participant wore a badge with the words “Find your eMate”. A sticker indicated the first name of the participant preceded by the letter e, thus recalling the name of the eMate.

The Apple eMate lapel pin is also available on our store (only 1ex.)

This vintage badge – circa 1997 – is mint.

dim. 80mm x 53,50 (3,15in x 2,10in)

This is a 4 Mac ranking, rare collectible. We have only 1 of this beautiful mint badge in stock, so don’t wait !

Le Collector ranking Apple rare mint badge find your eMate circa 1997 le collector ranking : very rare

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