Aldus PageMaker 5 brooch Macintosh desktop publishing


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Aldus PageMaker 5 brooch Macintosh desktop publishing

PageMaker is one of the first desktop publishing software created by Aldus in 1985. It can be said that this software has greatly contributed to the reputation of the Macintosh computer in the pre-press sector and more generally in graphic arts. PageMaker was then challenged by Quark XPress. In 1994, Aldus was acquired by Adobe Systems. PageMaker was removed and replaced by Adobe InDesign.

This rectangular brooch represents the palette of Aldus PageMaker tools as it could be seen in the software on the Macontosh platform. It is a brooch of a very good quality cloisonné enamel.

A rectangular pin with the image of PageMaker 4 is also available on our shop.

dim. 31,7mm x 18,15mm (1,25in x 0,71in)

This is a 4 Mac ranking, rare collectible. We have only 1 of this lapel pin in stock, so don’t wait !

Le Collector ranking le collector ranking : rare

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