IBM Barcelona olympic games 1992 lapel pin


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IBM Barcelona olympic games 1992 lapel pin

Here is an official lapel pin published for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona (Spain) with the mention of the IBM brand, official partner of the games. This soft enamel pin is medium size.

This lapel pin represents the logo of the Barcelona 1992 games. The logo was designed by the Spanish artist Josep Maria Trias. It represents an athlete in full effort over an obstacle (the Olympic rings). The blue color evokes the Mediterranean, the red is the symbol of life. The open arms drawn in yellow are signs of hospitality. In the lower part, the Olympic rings and the IBM mark on a blue background.

On the back, the date copyright © 1988, then COOB 92 SA TM (for Barcelona Olympic Organizing Committee). This lapel pin was therefore designed and produced in 1988 under the direction of the Barcelona Olympic Organizing Committee.

This pin is in excellent condition.

dimensions 21mm x 16mm (0,82in x 0,6in)

This is a 2 Mac ranking, nice collectible. We have only 1 of this beautiful vintage lapel pin in stock, so don’t wait !

Le Collector ranking le collector ranking : collectible

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