IBM PC personal computer Tablo Paris hard enamel lapel pin


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IBM PC personal computer Tablo Paris hard enamel lapel pin

This lapel pin was made in the early 90s by the famous french manufacturer TABLO Paris. It represents an IBM PC (personal computer) which at the time was in direct competition with Apple brand computers.

This very good quality pin is made of cloisonné enamel. It very accurately represents a black and white IBM PC, a screen and the keyboard. Note that the screen shows a color gradient, which is a fairly rare performance on a pin of this quality in cloisonne enamel.

TABLO has produced other pins on the IT theme. We can mention in particular their realization on the Macintosh Plus which exists in several variants, a gray variant and a blue variant which are available on our store.

The back bears the fingerprint (Tablo Paris logo) as well as the TABLO-PARIS brand, the telephone number of the company, followed by the mention “registered design”.

This lapel pin is in excellent condition.

dimensions 29,36mm x 25mm (1,16in x 1,00in)

This is a 3 Mac ranking, rare collectible. We have only 1 of this beautiful vintage lapel pin in stock, so don’t wait !

Le Collector ranking le collector ranking : rare

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