Macintosh Plus Tablo Paris blue variant hard enamel lapel pin


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Macintosh Plus Tablo Paris blue variant.

This lapel pin stands out first of all by its very high quality. Enamel cloisonné, it is worthy of the most beautiful achievements dedicated to Apple computer. It was made by TABLO PARIS in the early 90s, without doubt with the agreement of Apple computer France. On the other hand, nothing allows to affirm that it is about an order of the Apple computer company. This lapel pin has been marketed in France in shops, outside the traditional circuit of Apple dealers. This beautiful collection lapel pin was declined in four versions, each version representing a different color screen : blue, gray, mauve, red. The Mac, its keyboard and mouse respect the original color of Apple’s mythical computer. The Apple logo and the Macintosh Plus label appear next to the floppy disk drive. The cloisonné enamel work is definitely remarkable, a sign of recognition of the TABLO PARIS brand.

It is possible that this lapel pin has been marketed as an official goodie by Apple computer France, some copies are accompanied by a box bearing the mark of the Apple company but we have no certainty on this subject. Anyway, it is a very rare lapel pin, whatever the color of the screen. A must have for all passionate collectors !

About the TABLO Paris brand

TABLO Paris is one of the big names of french lapel pins manufacturers, with Decat, Coinderoux, Arthus Bertrand, Corner, Démons et Merveilles (Demons and Wonders). Production starts in the mid-1980s under the JIL brand. Some productions bear the mark L.M.I. PARIS, this is the case for the lapel pins made for the world of civil and military aviation (like the Patrouille de France). In the late 1980s, until the mid-90s, a period of exponential growth for lapel pins collections, TABLO Paris brand was used, with the company’s identity being Studio LMI (short for Logo Mobile International). At this time, the catalog TABLO Paris is very rich.

What characterizes the production of TABLO Paris lapel pins is their quality of manufacture and an irreproachable degree of finish which is worth to them a very great reputation. Moreover, to designate the TABLO Paris lapel pins we speak of pin jewelery. The grand feu enamel lapel pin (cloisonné enamel) signed TABLO are still models of the genre.

The back bears the fingerprint (Tablo Paris logo) as well as the TABLO-PARIS brand, the telephone number of the company, followed by the mention “registered design”.

This lapel pin is in excellent condition.

dimensions : 25,4mm x 24mm (1in x 0,95in)

• also available : Macintosh Plus Tablo Paris gray variant.

This is a 5 Mac ranking, very rare collectible. We have only 1 of this beautiful vintage lapel pin in stock, so don’t wait !

Le Collector ranking le collector ranking : very rare

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