Microsoft makes the Macintosh go round lapel pin


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Microsoft makes the Macintosh go round, a piece of computers history

This is a rare, mint Microsoft lapel pin, a kind of piece of history in the conflict between many years the companies Microsoft and Apple. Steve Jobs knew that the support of Microsoft software (such as Word or Excel) was crucial to ensure the success of the Macintosh. This lapel pin published by Microsoft shows that the interests of the two companies were related. The lapel pin is a world map contained an apple, symbol of the Cupertino firm with the mention “Microsoft makes the Macintosh go round”. It’s an original Microsoft and Apple collector !

Apple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corp.

Apple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation was a copyright infringement lawsuit in which Apple Computer, Inc. (now Apple Inc.) sought to prevent Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard from using visual graphical user interface (GUI) elements that were similar to those in Apple’s Lisa and Macintosh operating systems. (Source Wikipedia)

This is a 4 Mac ranking, rare collectible. We have only 1 of this beautiful Microsoft lapel pin in stock, so don’t wait !

Le Collector ranking le collector ranking : rare

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