IBM Essonnes factory fifty years 1991 computer chip lapel pin


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IBM Essonnes factory fifty years 1991 computer chip lapel pin

Here is an official lapel published on the occasion of the anniversary of the french IBM factory located in Essonnes (today Corbeil-Essonnes following the merger in 1951 of the two municipalities of Corbeil and Essonnes). This very beautiful lapel pin, produced in 1991, therefore celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the IBM factory in Essonnes, created on September 7, 1941.

This very good quality lapel pin is made of hard enamel cloisonné. It bears the mention “1941 50 years old factory in Essonnes 1991” and the IBM logo in golden letters on a blue background (IBM blue). In the center of the lapel pin, in a square is integrated an IBM chip which is at the same time the charm and the rarity of this lapel pin.

There are other IBM pins incorporating computer chips. This is the case of the 16 mega pins which exists in two variants, a green variant and a more rare orange variant.

This pin is in excellent condition.

dimensions 23mm (0,90in)

This is a 4 Mac ranking, very rare collectible. We have only 1 of this beautiful vintage lapel pin in stock, so don’t wait !

Le Collector ranking le collector ranking : very rare

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